Laserdioden gibt es mittlerweile für eine Vielzahl von Wellenlängen zwischen blau-violett (405 nm) und mittlerem IR (14.000 nm). ORION 1550 nm Laser Module. 1550 nm Laser Module. 755nm 808nm 1064nm laser diode 1000w. RIO works with distributors globally. These fiber coupled 1064 nm laser diodes are offered as stock items or associated with a CW or Pulsed Laser Diode Driver. This 14-pin butterfly package utilizes a proprietary hybrid external-cavity laser design based on volume Bragg grating (VGB) technology, to ensure single-frequency laser performance as well as a single-mode beam profile. This 14-pin butterfly package utilizes a proprietary hybrid external-cavity laser design based on volume Bragg grating (VGB) technology, to ensure single-frequency laser performance as well as a single-mode beam profile. Optical Phase Lock Loop. Dort sind nur geringe Ausgangsleistungen möglich. Q-switched 1064 nm lasers. Duty: CW. We offer a wide variety of 1064nm lasers from femtosecond and nanosecond turn-key pulsed lasers to single mode laser diode and with everything in … Add to cart. 96.7% Response Rate. Narrow linewidth single frequency external cavity laser diode. US $1000-$10000 / Set. 1/6. Oriental Laser provided professional 755 808 1064nm laser hair removal machine,laser hair removal system spare parts,laser diode stacks repair and customized service. Sales Inquiry * Required field Name. Output: Free Space. Mode: Single Mode. 1064 nm Q-Switched Lasers. CW 1064 nm lasers. Lead time: 7 weeks : Options. Visit our Distributor page to connect with any of our global distributors. Online price: $ 890.00: Proprietary mirror coating enabling long lifetime; Highly reliable Au/Sn technology; Single mode Fabry Perot (FP) laser; CW or pulsed operation, 1ns rise time ; Wavelength/temperature coefficient 0.3nm/ o C; Details. There are 298 OEM, 279 ODM, 118 Self Patent. ORION 1064 nm Laser Module. However, there are also transitions near 946, 1120, 1320, and 1440 nm. Painless Hair Removal 1064nm Diode Laser High Power Laser Diode 755 808 1064 1200W. … 1064 nm laser diode Choose your own Bragg or DFB laser diode + turn-key Driver solution 1st Choose your laser diode : 3 Choose your product form factor : OPEN or INTEGRATED rd ¾ Open driver for CW, std and HP electronics Boards OPEN FRAME VERSIONS : ¾ Open driver for HPP (High Pulse Performance) electronic Board CCS-HPP Diode type Techno-logy Wavelength (nm) Fiber … Der mit einem lichtemittierenden Element – in diesem Falle Nd (Neodynm) – dotierte YAG-Kristall wird durch Absorption des Lichts von einer Laserdiode in den erregten Zustand versetzt. Finden Sie Hohe Qualität Laserdiode 1064nm 100w Hersteller Laserdiode 1064nm 100w Lieferanten und Laserdiode 1064nm 100w Produkte zum besten Preis auf Narrow linewidth: No. High Power Laser Module. YAG ist ein Festkörper mit einer Kristallstruktur aus Y (Yttrium), A (Aluminium) und G (Granat). 1064-nm 1000-mW multi-transverse-mode diode laser, mounted in an Aluminum heat-sink adapter with solder pads for connecting wire leads and an … Sample datasheet Specifications Spectrum Pin Configuration. Purpose: The aim of the present study was to evaluate the tissue retraction and gingival healing in pulsed laser (diode 980 nm and Nd:YAG 1064 nm lasers) gingival retraction in comparison with the conventional mechanical or surgical techniques (double cord and electrosurgery). Stetig wachsend ist das Angebot an High-Power Laserdioden. Ein Nd:YAG-Laser (kurz für Neodym-dotierter Yttrium-Aluminium-Granat-Laser; sprich: Neodym-YAG-Laser) ist ein Festkörperlaser, der als aktives Medium einen Neodym-dotierten YAG-Kristall verwendet und meist infrarote Strahlung mit der Wellenlänge 1064 nm emittiert. Finden Sie Hohe Qualität Fabrik 1064nm Laserdiode Hersteller Fabrik 1064nm Laserdiode Lieferanten und Fabrik 1064nm Laserdiode Produkte zum besten Preis auf YAG-Laser emittieren unsichtbare Nahe-Infrarot-Strahlen mit einer Wellenlänge von 1064 nm. SUBSCRIBE NOW SUPPORT. 5.0 (29) "Excellent service" "Good service" Contact Supplier. lasing-diode), replace the lens in the collimation tube with the aspheric lens, put the laser diode in the collimation tube, connect it to the diode socket, and hook the circuit board up to a current source. Call +1 408 970 3500. These diode-pumped, Q-switched laser modules deliver high peak energy in very short pulses at 1064 nm wavelength, with a pulse repetition rate of up to 25 kHz. High brightness, high quality, and high reliability are the foundation of our product lines. Most Turnkey diode+driver solutions are optimized for CW or pulsed performances down to 1 ns. Dimensions: Note: Data sheet: CW1064H-50: 1064 nm: 50 mW: 3 VDC: Ø26 x 100 mm: APC, electronics integrated: CW1064H-100: 1064 nm Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel! Kontakt: Ansprechpartner: Dr. Christina Manzke: Firma: LASER COMPONENTS GmbH: Adresse: Erfurter Str. 1064 nm, 1000 mW, Laser-Diode MicroModule $ 230.00. Die gepulsten Laserdioden sind in den Wellenlängen 850 nm, 905 nm und 1550 nm verfügbar und werden direkt von Laser Components produziert. Ranging in cw powers from 400 mW up to 3000 mW, HÜBNER Photonics offers multiple variants ranging from the Cobolt Rumba™, the single frequency laser of choice for high power applications, to the 08-DPL 1064 nm with integrated optical isolator. This Fabry-Perot (FP) 1064 nm typical Laser Diode Module with a 150 mW elliptical beam comes in a self contained module. Es stehen sowohl freistrahlende Versionen als auch fasergekoppelte High-Power Laserdioden zur Verfügung. Alibaba offers 467 1064nm Laser Diode Suppliers, and 1064nm Laser Diode Manufacturers, Distributors, Factories, Companies. 1064 nm Laser Module. Downloads: RIO PLANEX™ 1064 nm: Planex-Laser mit 1064nm.pdf: … Find high quality 1064nm Laser Diode Suppliers on Alibaba. Finden Sie Hohe Qualität 1064nm Laserdiode Hersteller 1064nm Laserdiode Lieferanten und 1064nm Laserdiode Produkte zum besten Preis auf 1064 nm Laser Diode. Select options. More info about the 1550 nm laser module. Single mode laser diode, 500mW @ 1064nm, QLD-1064-500S. 1 Set (Min Order) Weifang Mingliang Electronics Co., Ltd. CN 12 YRS. … Their portfolio of lasers, tools and systems are used in a wide range of materials processing & scientific applications. Add to Wishlist SKU: APS-1064nm-1000mW-STM-9.0mm-CC Category: Uncategorized. Package: C2, 9mm. Weitere Übergänge existieren bei 946 nm, 1320 nm und 1444 nm. 1: PLZ / Ort: 16515 Oranienburg : Telefon: +49 (0) 3301 522 99 98: Fax: +49 (0) 8142 2864-11: E-Mail: : RIO PLANEX™ 1064 nm Externer Cavity-Laser. RIO Business Location 3350 Scott Blvd., Bldg. About 0% of these are Diodes. A wide variety of wavelengths is available (640 nm, 760 nm, 808 nm, 91 5nm, 940 nm, 980 nm and 1060 nm) as well as power ranges (from 20W to multiple kW with stacks). Laser Center Wavelength: 1064 nm (+/-10 nm) Laser Output Power Range: 0 - 30 Watts (user adjustable) Laser Slope Efficiency: 0.7 W/A; Laser Spectral Line Width (FWHM): 7 nm ; Laser Wavelength Temperature Tuning: 0.4 nm/°C; Laser Fiber Termination: SMA905 (rear panel output) Laser Fiber Numeric Aperture: 0.22; Laser Fiber Core Diameter: 400 µm; DILAS Laser Diode Model: DILAS-MF … Hersteller: RIO. The LQA1064-150E Laser Diode Module with Analog Modulation is a self-contained LD module with superior optical quality, a very high precision current source and a PID temperature controller, built in the module. Laser Source. 1064 nm Collimated Diode Laser System with Near-TEM00 Beam 10 - 100 mW Output Power: $2,274.00: View Specs: 1064 nm: 1064 nm Collimated Diode Laser System 100 - 1000 mW Output Power: $2,670.00: View Specs: 1064 nm: 1064 nm Collimated Diode Laser System 2000 - 2500 mW Output Power: $3,593.00: View Specs: Subscribe to our Monthly Newsletter . Description ; Additional information ; Description. Get the … Behandlungen mit dem ARAGON PLUS Laser sind komfortabel, schnell und sehr effektiv. Operating Current : 50~80A Pulse Width: 10~400ms Expected life : 10,000 hours High Power Conversion Efficiency : 45~48% Appication Medical & Aesthetics Hair Removal Pumping Source CW/QCW laser diode bars Wavelength P eak power Bar Power BAR S … 1 Santa Clara, CA 95054. 1 Set (Min Order) Beijing Belle Laser Technology Co., Ltd. CN 7 YRS. They are compatible with low noise CW or high speed nanosecond pulsed drivers. Finden Sie Hohe Qualität 1064nm Laserdiode 10w Hersteller 1064nm Laserdiode 10w Lieferanten und 1064nm Laserdiode 10w Produkte zum besten Preis auf Nd:YAG lasers are optically pumped using a flashtube or laser diodes.These are one of the most common types of laser, and are used for many different applications. 1064nm Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) Lasers, Laser Diode Modules, Amplifiers, Laser diodes, Pulsed, and CW lasers. Schwächen gibt es im grünen bis gelben Bereich zwischen 510 nm und 635 nm. Company. Part No. The R1064.0SX0500 is a 1064 nm single-mode wavelength stabilized diode laser from Innovative Photonic Solutions (IPS). External Cavity Laserdioden. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google + Email. 1064 nm laser diode – CW & Pulsed – Bragg or DFB. 1064nm Lasers Overview. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für 1064nm 3w 100μm Blende C-Mount Laserdiode bei eBay. PLANEX 1064 nm Laser Diode. Four different 1064 nm laser diode (DFB, Bragg, BroadBragg and Multimode) are offered as stock items or associated with a CW or Pulsed (nanosecond) laser diode driver. US $4700-$4800 / Set. Output power (W) 0.200, 0.300. Adjust the position of the diode so that the output beam is collimated (note: do not exceed the speci ed typical current on the diode, which is 390mA). Subject. Kundenspezifische Anpassungen lassen sich einfach umsetzen. Wavelength: Power: Supply Vol. 1064nm 200mW and 300mW Single mode Laser Diode. The R1064SX0150 is a 1064 nm single-mode wavelength stabilized diode laser from Innovative Photonic Solutions (IPS). High Power Laserdioden. Monocrom diode lasers are based on laser diode bars packed with our solder free patented technology. Finden Sie Hohe Qualität Laserdiode 1064 Nm Hersteller Laserdiode 1064 Nm Lieferanten und Laserdiode 1064 Nm Produkte zum besten Preis auf Wavelength (nm) 1064. A wide variety of laser diode 1064nm options are available to you, such as … Home / Products / Laser Components / DPSS Lasers / 1064 nm Q-Switched Lasers. Turn-key laser modules with TEC controller are offered in an open or integrated version. High quality Diode Laser Bars Module Features AuSn Solder Assembly, Higher Reliability Multi-wavelengths available 755nm,810nm,106 4 nm. The 1064 nm ORION™ laser module builds upon the proven performance of RIO’s game-changing PLANEX™ product series.In addition to unrivaled reliability (Telcordia GR-486 qualified technology platform) and robustness, the ORION laser modules provide superior value with up to 20 mW output power, very low RIN, low phase noise and narrow linewidth, exceptional wavelength stability. A compact and industry-proven OEM single frequency low noise source designed for 24/7 operation in harsh environments. Nd:YAG lasers typically emit light with a wavelength of 1064 nm, in the infrared. offers 2,624 laser diode 1064nm products. More info about the 1064 nm External Cavity Diode laser. Coherent, Inc. is a leading global supplier of industrial and fiber laser solutions headquartered in the United States for over 50 years. Drei Wellenlängen 755 nm, 808 nm und 1064 nm sind die beste Lösung in dieser Klasse von Lasern.