It can also happen when dogs have a history of rough care. Vets are not looking at everything ..Saying your pet could have this or that not finding out what really is wrong with your dog, spending unnecessary amounts of money is frustrating.For many years my dog suffered excessive licking and chewing opening wounds, skin turning black, skin problems and suffering. Dogs have a ton of receptors to sense smell using their mouths as well as noses. Should I try using a squirt bottle to discourage this behavior? My dog loves her snake toy. I would highly recommend looking up Patricia McConnell- her books on training have been very helpful and she goes over this command in detail. My dog has been constantly nipping at my feet and I have no idea why, and what to do to stop it. Too many people offer food or attention for the cessation of jumping. At first, owners might need to reward the dog every one to two seconds. He also knows it frustrates me so he will also do it when he gets frustrated ( when we are crossing the street, leaving the park, stopping play). Jumping on people is not the dog’s fault if some people encourage the problem. Definitely do not use squirt bottle. Why does he do this? I'm getting a puppy soon. Sometimes young kids think it is funny to tease dogs, they could very well be playing "footsies" with him. Speak to family and friends. But there can also be other reasons why your dog sits on your feet, and they happen under certain circumstances. It is much easier than trying to train the dog, in bed, while also trying to sleep. Why your dog sits at your feet. to colleagues, clients or customers, or inquire about Puppies attack feet, that's true, but it's also true that puppies attack anything that moves. Training is a proactive process, not a reactive one. It makes sense to be cautious. Definitely do not use squirt bottle. The reason why it does it might be that it has some separation anxiety. How can we get our dog to stop jumping up? When a dog bites inappropriately as an adult, including when they bite our feet as we walk, it is likely due to poor education. Get to work before the dog even considers dashing and jumping. It hurts, my slippers are in shreds, and I'm afraid he'll do it to someone else and make them fall down. Either your dog is not getting proper exercise or had a dramatic episode in the past. Why is my dog obsessed with nipping at my feet when I walk around the house? They can also be easily excited, so if you jerk your foot away they may think it is more of a game and will look to bite your feet more. He has not bitten anyone, but he does send a clear vocal message that he is not happy. Whenever the owner sits down, their dog lies down or sits on or by their feet. We ask people to turn their back on him when he jumps. I have found the best thing to do try give him a series of obedience commands and that usually breaks his state of mind. It is not fair to ask guests to struggle with the pummeling. As further set forth in our Terms of Service, does not make any warranties regarding such information, and you should conduct your own diligence before relying on it. I just wanted to know if this is good or bad? Your dog may feel frustration or anxiety. We know wolves hunt in packs. For awhile, I tried different correction methods, but we just ended up in a dominance struggle. While puppies are just trying to have fun when they attack feet, on the other hand, humans walking around with a crocodile attached to their leg, are instead very desperate in trying to discourage the behavior. First, the good behavior may rarely come out. My puppy (10 months) is a rat terrier mix who has been biting my feet on walks for a few months now. She would like bump her body up to your feet. Get everyone on the same page. What did help was taking him on more walks and giving him a chance to use up some of his playful energy and teaching him the "Enough" command. When ever I walk towards him and stick my foot under his belly he immediately reacts and gets extremely pissed. It's moreso when I have socks or slippers on, but he constantly runs after me and bites them while I walk. It sort of mimics the way mother dogs teach their pups not to bite and it will stop biting behavior fairly quickly. If your dog doesn’t doze at your feet but still insists in hanging around, there could be a handful of explanations. When your dog comes to smooch up next to you by your feet and legs, it could simply be a sign of their affection. If your dog does attack your cat, the chances are they just responding to their natural instincts to hunt. No need for a behaviorist before you AT LEAST try to do something about this first, besides some “behaviorists” will get you into the vicious circle of waiting for the good behavior to reward it. Does it happen whenever you walk, or only when you walk past your dog? It’s a survival skill. For some dogs, biting can be a form of aggression that develops out of frustration or fear. How to keep your dog from defending it's crate? If you've ever seen sheep herding, in working practice not competition shows, you'll see that stubborn stock often attract bites to the heels from the dog to encourage movement. When their siblings yelp, that's a signal to stop biting. My dog started with licking chewing his feet. One person can train the dog while another welcomes guests. If I discourage him from eating grass and tell him to "Leave it", he begins biting my pants, legs, feet, and growling. It's never me or my wife that he bites at; It's often when he's under a table or chair (so maybe it surprises him or he doesn't see the persons face), but not always. This is not fair or considerate to our guests. I have two standard collie puppies 10 months old. Our dog jumps up on visitors. While this often happens in a new situation for a canine, it can be a daily occurrence for a submissive pup as well. It is similar with dogs. It is not unusual for animals to attack sick animals.