Our chief passion here is our love of the written word, it's many forms, and the stories they can tell. No thinking–that comes later. There is one last part that affects both of these; the film itself. I hope that helps, and good luck with your future endeavors! hermitsfolly reblogged this from theworstassassinever. “I’m not really sure but…” “I think I heard it somewhere…” “I might be wrong so don’t quote me…” “I am not an expert but…”. You write your first draft with your heart. Oh honey, I thought I had taught you better than that. You can never embody that if you do not even believe in yourself. (Also, longer exposure times are more difficult to use freehand, because any camera shake will be recorded by the entire image.). Navigate to the Tumblr blog you're interested in commenting on and click on the "Follow" button in the upper right corner. You must create and sign into your Tumblr account before you can leave comments. If you are not an expert, find someone who is then cite them as the source. Not all film is created equal. The wider the aperture, the more light hits the film. Three. how would each person describe the other? Tumblr is, essentially, my M.F.A. More importantly, what are you writing about? This is a long way to say that when Bruce Lee was appearing on TV, the technology either didn’t exist yet or was prohibitively expensive. my ex? Undeveloped film is extremely sensitive to light, and the entire technology behind cameras was based around that. Here we strive to share what inspires, what helps, and drives us to write. When you’re out in the world, you can’t control how much light is present. But do not forget about context. Don’t give up the day job till you have reason to believe you can live off your writing, because plenty of great books have been written at weekends, and why put your art under pressure to be profitable? “Fuck.” “Shit.” “Asshole.” These words are incredibly useful. Elegance is about exuding grace, authority and confidence. So, you’re trading the speed you can take the photo at for the quality of the resulting image. listen to me, happy endings are not boring! 7,332 notes. This is easier with black and white film as you can salvage B&W negatives that would have been completely wrecked if you were using color film. If you already are a Patron, thank you. Not only that, you come off as an uncultivated, bitter, basic bitch who has never owned a dictionary and therefore does not know how to express themselves creatively. There are no such thing as heroes, as there is no such thing as goodness. As writers, we tend to focus more on the major plot points as these are the things we spend hours pouring over when we write. Also, make sure to tag me/gift me if you ever make a writing based of it, cause sometimes I won’t end up seeing it! You can’t edit a blank page. Reblog writing texttext - writing Posted tumblr months ago notes Tumblr, 19 February It was a mishap, creative. On a related note, there is nothing less elegant to me than the comment section at Buzzfeed. Film has an ISO rating, which correlates to how light sensitive it is. As a quick aside, some minor exposure errors can be fixed during development of the photo. She inhaled and exhaled a slow and even breath a couple of times. If you ramp that video back up to normal speed (by dropping frames from the playback, rather than just having an absurdly high refresh rate on your monitor), you’ll have the same experience. Be yourself. The weakness is that these will result in much longer exposures. So, it used to be when you wanted to get very high speed footage, you needed to do a couple things. Follow the Tumblr user. Daily writing prompts | Feel free to make requests! writing writing help writing help masterlist writing help masterpost fuck this took me hours sleepy now write NaNoWriMo writing research this better fucking work small edit novel writing reference. All you do is sit down at a type writer and bleed. I LOVE the way you write so ELEGANTLY, the way you phrase your sentences so PERFECTLY, the way you speak so BEAUTIFULLY, the way you use words and the confidence you exhibit, just WOW i just admire you so much especially since im a virgo you are so perfectly harmonious and gorgeous, can you please give us some tips on how to speak and write like that ? If you enjoy our content, please consider becoming a Patron. Please remember that. Tumblr is all about small, tight-knit niche communities. Book Writing Tips Writing Prompts Stupid Funny The Funny Funny Stuff Random Stuff Names Of God Funny Tumblr … The footage exists, you find some on YouTube with a little searching. Q&A: The Difficulties of Recording High-Speed Video. if someone asked one who the other was, what label would they use? Today, it’s not that difficult to get slow motion videos of martial artists demonstrating techniques at 300fps, slowed down to something you can examine in detail. I also have a side blog, @strangevoyages, that’s specifically just for writing advice! Most modern TVs can refresh at 60fps without issue (and some support much higher refresh rates, even if broadcasting hasn’t caught up to those standards.). There are people you can say “tho” to, and people who should only ever get a “though” from you. we do not want our favorite characters to die! The collection of all of my Core Disaster/Timkonbart week prompts! Write a lot, write with passion. Depth of field is the plane in front of the camera that is in sharp focus. A video camera has a fixed exposure length that cannot be changed because the camera has to capture the next image on schedule. Why appear as if you are asking a question, when really, you mean to declare a statement about something you are certain of? my friend? Open in app; Facebook; Obsessed with travel? Faceless nobodies cursing at famous celebrities for having a better life than them or thinking differently than they do. Because if, on a daily basis, you throw grammar and syntax out the window while texting… then one of these days, when you find yourself in a critical, high-pressure situation where you will have to demonstrate utmost professionalism... your mind will not be able to switch quickly from your texting style to your essay-writing style. I tell them to stop writing to me and get on with it. Each chapter will hold the summary and tags for each prompt! You might be able to add more to a specific object, but you can’t (practically) make the entire street brighter. Before you hit post on such rants, ask yourself if it will help your journey of self-improvement in the long run. So, the high speed camera is expensive, the film you’re burning through is expensive, and the light rig is also expensive. They/Them, Queer NB Pizza Delivery Witch who also writes sometimes, old enough to run for president, everything I write is under a creative commons sharealike license 27th October 2020. what don’t they like about each other now? Join us for writing, art and worldbuilding chats, sharing and feedback, a chill out lounge, writing prompts and word sprints. These will range from 1/32nd of a second up to a full second, with a “hold,” or, “bulb” option that will simply expose the film until you release the shutter control. Not everything here is original, we claim very little ownership for many posts. Writing Requests Closing in ~12 hours. The CW / Berlanti Productions 18 Tumblr Posts That'll Make Any Writer Laugh And Then Probably Cry A Little Reblog - texttext - text Posted 6 months ago notes Monday, 19 February She writing all kinds of odds and ends in a prompt trio prompts creative pots. And you rewrite with your head. is each of them satisfied with their relationship? 1.8k. on your Tumblr with a link back to the applicable product, service, book, or other item. You might think, “But txting’s txtgn! Yes, I know they didn’t do that in the Magnus Chase series, but many Deaf readers were made uncomfortable at the choice to depict sign language as not speech. The problem is, high ISO film, which requires less light, results in grainy images. Writing Series The B Team Druids Can We Discuss Catalog Ask RSS Archive Writing On Jorvik → This blog is dedicated to critique and analyse of Star Stable Online as a game. Note that you are unable to comment on your own blog posts. Here’s one such post of my advice for people who are just starting out with IF! I get a lot of letters from people. Tumblr will prompt you to write your first post. Meaning, this isn’t cheap. (ex. With the Great Tumblr Purge impending, LGBT content is … The reason I’m going through all of this is because still photography and cinematography operate off the same principles, with one key difference. “Waiting for inspiration to write is like standing at the airport waiting for a train.”, "A hero? There’s a side effect, your aperture also affects depth of field. This is a moment when I’ll have to admit, I have not spent a lot of time with digital photography, especially on the high-end of the spectrum, so it’s possible this is easier today than it was twenty years ago with film cameras. You might record at a higher rate specifically to produce a slow motion effect, but there wasn’t any point to going above this because the images couldn’t display. The second I started talking about you a little too much I knew I was slowly falling in love with you. 1) When you write signed dialogue, use quotation marks and everything else you would use for any other type of dialogue. I’m still learning from it. (There’s also three different kinds of color film, Daylight, Tungsten, and Fluorescent, these are color balanced for use under those light sources, and using one under a different light source will color shift the image.). They say, "I want to be a writer. A camera’s aperture is, literally, how much the shutter closes down while taking a photo. I’ve learned a lot in writing workshops, but I learned even more from writing a Tumblr. When you open your pitch/synopsis with who your character is and what they value, you allow the reader to root for them, even in the synopsis. Why be bothered if someone doesn’t agree with your beliefs? But for the reader/publisher/agent to care about your book, they first need to care about your character. A YouTube channel called The Slow Mo Guys shot high speed video (1,000fps) of the Kukkiwon Taekwondo Demo Team in 2019. what didn’t they like about each other when they met? High speed video is their area of expertise, and the resulting video is the most professional I was able to find on short notice. Hi there!! The film recorded the object in multiple placed and none of those points resulted in a clear image. Usually, what you’re looking for is going to be labeled as, “slow motion,” or something similar. But when you use them too generously, they lose their meaning entirely. A … An SLR camera (which used to be the standard for analog photos) allows the user to adjust the exposure length. The smaller the aperture the less light is admitted through it onto the film. Ember silently placed the pencil down and exhaled a heavy sigh before running her fingers through her silver hair, closing her tired eyes for a slight minute.The multiple words that were on the paper in front of her flashed behind her eyelids. The first key to writing is...to write, not to think! If you’re trying to take a photo of a bird in flight, or a car driving down the street, you want that short exposure time. Click or tap the person-shaped silhouette icon in the … Double-check those statistics before you post them. For example, if you wanted to take a photo of a parked car in dim light, the answer would be to keep your aperture fairly small (I’ll explain why in a moment), and have a long exposure. The Creative Closet is an LGBT inclusive Discord community. I strive not to be just another writing blogger that says things like "show, don't tell" and "just keep writing." I have never started a poem yet whose end I knew. This is ideal if you wanted to take a photo of a street, and keep as much of it in focus as possible. (Possible even up to the full second, depending on how much light is available.) 175 notes Sep 17th, 2020. I don't fit in." if one were to die tomorrow, what regrets would the other have? You can always edit a bad page. They convey emotion so powerfully. Hello dear Diana, this question isn't about the craft but i hope you anwer it anyways. ~ Indicate what exactly you are crediting, whether it be specific lines or an idea ~ The Instagram account _writing_ideas_ solely posts the prompts from this blog Most of this stuff doesn’t get much above 300fps, but that is more than enough to track the motions, especially when it’s slowed down so that you have the time to really watch what’s happening. why or why not? That’s your dream job or university down the drain. Hardware that would have set you back more than $10k 20 years ago, can now be replicated for less then $300. Tumblr blogs to follow for aspiring writers - Art & Culture - The Jakarta Post Helpful resources you're posting writing there you're either 1 posting really long wall-of-text posts that no one wants to writing, or 2 hiding most of your content behind "read mores". What is so difficult about researching something before you write about it? A high F-Stop (so a very tight shutter) will have a large depth of field. Instead, I try to offer unique insights about things that you might have missed. So, that’s the past. ... #writing prompt #daily writing prompt #story idea #prompt idea #story prompt #am writing #writers on tumblr #writers #writeblr #December 2020 311 notes. We 100 members strong and we’d love you to join us. But if you are talking about the most sacred thing to you — your family, your soul’s desire, your past life, your faith, your craft… then show it some respect. And you will look dumb in front of everybody. Viewing Your Content: Open the profile menu. You can’t change how much light is in the environment, but you can change how much light gets onto the film by adjusting the aperture. Now, here’s a problem. it is ok to let your characters be happy! How to Keep Track of Decisions, Branches, and Endings, Here’s one such post of my advice for people who are just starting out with IF, #not me writing this while trying to edit the relationships in my own wip, #going to tag all of these characters again, #just wishing after so much pain and suffering during the course of the show, #those characters that deserves it the most would be given their happy ending. Just wanted to ask, how do you outline your interactive fiction stories? [If reposting to Instagram please credit @isabellestonebooks]. justthesauceingredients reblogged this from oniumbra. Maybe I’ll start actually writing on my Tumblr… I always swore this would be the last thing I would do, because usually when I see people writing on Tumblr it’s terribly self indulgent, but I wouldn’t mind treating this more like a journal than just a place where I post songs and self promote. #excerpt from a book i'll never write #writing quotes #writer #writers quotes #writing #tumblr #tumblr projects #so tumblr #tumblr girl #tumblr quotes #friendship quotes #quote #love quotes #quotes #friendship #friends #love #crush #falling in love with a friend #falling in love. I don't fit in." the girl my friends are friends with?). Be sure to get your requests in while you still can. If you already are a Patron, thank you. Source: wnq-writers.com lit quotes prose words spilled ink poets on tumblr poetry poem literature quote wordsnquotes wnq-writers phirebreather motivation motivational qotd pq … I have come across countless writings where half of the whole thing is just a declaration of how much the author does not actually know anything. Sending it in DM’s won’t work, just make a link for the doc or post it on AO3. Before you write or say anything, remember who you are speaking to. Looking back at the car example, this is why, you probably want the entire car in focus, so depending on how much light, you’d want a higher F-Stop to get the car in focus, and because it’s not going to move, you can extend the exposure to compensate. In addition to a specialized camera that supported the higher feed rate for the film (and shorter exposure times), you also needed to absolutely bathe the environment in light, and you needed very light sensitive film which would produce less than ideal images. ❤❤❤❤❤. Please make sure you're using the latest version of. There is nothing to writing. See a recent post on Tumblr from @insomniacfics about writing prompt list. ", You are using an unsupported browser and things might not work as intended. "I'm a weirdo. If you don’t get enough light on the film, the result will be underexposed, and too dark.