For emergency stop, the cruise control can be released by pushing on the brake pedal or the forward pedal. Dealer picked up and fixed. 6 – Utility Cart, 17P Poly – LPPCT17JD, Drawbar I CALLED THE LOCAL COMPANY THAT DELIVERED MY MOWER, AND THEY WERE VERY APOLOGETIC, SAID THEY WOULD PICK THE MOWER UP, REPAIR IT FOR FREE AND RETURN IT TO ME. THEY WERE OFFERING A FREE UTILITY CART WITH THE PURCHASE. NOTE: If the engine and mower or other attachment stops while repositioning the machine, return the attachment engagement lever/switch to the off position. Notice: Every attempt is made to ensure the data listed is accurate. This model features a hydrostatic transmission with speeds up to 5.5 mph, but that is just for starters. Awesome equipment but messed up spindles will happen if not greased. Home Depot's website said "Free Delivery". 2nd J.D. Overview; Lawn Tractors; Zero-Turns; 1 Family (23-25HP) Other Supported Brands ; Offers; Snow Equipment; Compact & Utility Tractors. I wanted to only buy one mower and decided to go with John Deere. Has plenty of power and the engine doesn't bog down in…. Many places to grease. The deck is not automatically leveling, you have to pay close attention to the level. Side-by-side foot pedals control the speed and direction of travel: Cruise control is available on the E120, E130, E150, E160, E170, and the E180: A spring-assisted, low-effort lift lever simplifies setting and adjusting the mower cut height: Increments of 0.25 in. This is my third JD and the quality has gone down from previous 2. I HAD TO REALLY JUMP THROUGH A LOT OF HOOPS TO ACQUIRE ONE. (2.66-mm) steel: The front axle is constructed of solid cast iron that will not bend: Rear bagger is mounted with CargO Mount points. At present, I cannot assess the performance of this E140 tractor as it has not been able to start or do any work. Has plenty of power and the engine doesn't bog down in… View all. This mower does cost more than a Cub Cadet or Troy Bilt etc, but it will cost you less in the long run in my mind. Not bumper to bumper because battery is only guaranteed for 6 months, mine went dead second year. Just about every company that develops a reputation for having really good products eventually finds a way to cash in on the brand name by coming out with some junk that still fetches a premium price. John Deere E140 Lawn Tractor for sale at Columbus, Elmer, Marlboro, Hammonton, Columbia, NJ. I went with the E140 because it was right in the middle. Buy from a dealer and not home depot/lowes. I was excited with the newly purchased E140 (on 5/26/2018) from LOWE’s but was appalled when I tried to start it. John Deere E140: Everything You Need To Know | Tractor News VISIT OUR WEBSITE. The John Deere E110 model lawn tractor does not have the new 30 Second Oil Change system found in models such as the E120, E130, and so on. Mower was prepped by Brookside JD in Spring. John Deere E140 . Functional design of the controls provides good appearance and a comfortable feel. Safety and How-To. Call 1-855-497-0657. Android versions are not compatible with the hour meter connector at this time. One time, the belt popped off when my wife hit a stump…. It did not specify if it was online-only or not. Stopped working in second year and I found 2 wires had come apart. Large pedal surface gives superior operator comfort. (THEY ARE SUPPOSE TO PICK IT UP TODAY) I DON'T KNOW HOW LONG THEY WILL HAVE IT. A high-performance mulching blade (GX21786) is available to enhance mulching performance. The engine fuel and oil filters, the oil check/fill tube, and the oil drain tube are exposed for serviceability when the hood is opened.The seat tilts up and out of the way to make adding fuel easy.The 100 Series Tractors are covered by a 2-year/120-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty*: *Term limited to years or hours used, whichever comes first, and varies by model. Gas gauge unstable as tank bounces so does gauge. It holds the brake pedal securely in the locked position. I’ve owed two tractors before this one and the John Deere out preforms both hands down. CAUTION: Children or bystanders may be injured by rotating blades. Premium features of 100 Series Tractors allow for this longer warranty period, with more coverage than comparable tractors. RIO should be used only when operating another attachment or when the operator deems it necessary to reposition the machine with the mower engaged. Fast forward 14 months, and 37 hours, I have it for sale at half price. I have had the tractor for about four months with absolutely no issues. Controls are logically placed and easy to reach. I am a professional mechanic and this mower is not simple to maintain and adjust. smoother as it runs. I have 40+ hours now on this lawn mower and it runs smooth with no issues. Repeat procedure to position the machine again. Operator's Manual . Not bumper to bumper because battery is only guaranteed for 6 months, mine went dead second year. It is especially helpful when operating the tractor for extended periods of time. What??? Full John Deere lawn tractors John Deere E140 technical data ant specs. Easy to use and nice to have the port to clean mower decking. 2 – Utility Cart, 8Y Convertible Poly – LP22755 5 – Utility Cart, 16YS Swivel Poly – LP68186 Mower had defective starter after a few months. (38.1-cm) back height for good support. I bought it from Lowe’s,and had it delivered to my house. No one tests lawn mowers & tractors like we do. Rear tyre size is 20 X 10-8 No tools are required to go from mulching (with mulch cover) to side discharge to rear bagging. Many places to grease. I was excited with the newly purchased E140 (on 5/26/2018) from LOWE’s but was appalled when I tried to start it. Mine is frayed but I gave up today and will wait until it breaks because it's too much work to replace it. Overview; 1 Family (23 … You've got your John Deere equipment - now it's time to keep it running for the long haul. I read all the info,put gas in in it and it fired up just like it should. Dealer picked up and fixed. This is a perfect choice currently available in the market at the cheapest price. Blade adjustment could be located on right side, so as to make it easier to get on tractor. The rugged 12-gauge, 0.105-in. Copyright © 2020 Tractors Wale WordPress Theme : By Offshorethemes, Latest John Deere E140 Lawn Mower Price Specs & Review 2020. Dealers remember who you are and can deal with any issue better. Speaking of Accessories and Attachments, if so many things are coming free and know about yourself in the details. Has plenty of power and the engine doesn't bog down in tall wet grass. Select a location to view the phone number. View features and specifications and download a brochure for this tracked 13-metric-ton hydraulic excavator. I got a mower that was delivered, strapped to a pallet and that was it. Seems to consume more fuel than older mower. I called the local professional on 5/27/2018 around 10 AM but reached an answering system. John Deere prefers that 10W-30 be used in all its gasoline-powered engines, including those on riding mowers. I called LOWE's and was told to contact the local John Deere professional…. I read all the info,put gas in in…. Belt fell off first year. A mulch cover is an optional attachment that can be installed without the use of tools. The CargO Mount system is a combination of front- and rear-mounting points providing convenient and easy installation of the sun canopy, rear bagger, and other attachments. Time will tell if this one holds up as well. To engage, lift up on the cruise lever and hold until the foot is removed from the forward pedal. To disengage, lightly press and then release the forward pedal. John Deere's E140 is your best and most reliable choice when it comes to big lawns. An exclusive 2-year or 120-hour (whichever comes first), single-source, bumper-to-bumper warranty* is standard for all John Deere 100 Series Tractors. I went with the E140 because it was right in the middle. 3 – Riding mower cover, standard – LP93917 I bought this mower to replace a hand-me-down mower. One of the sheave pulleys appears to be bent. Phone: (614) 681-7942 Call. The seat is tilted back at the optimum angle to provide the most comfortable operator position. Several lubrication points that need regular grease. 3 – Utility Cart, 10P Poly – LPPCT10JD I purchased this mower last year. However, if you don’t want to go for it then, you choose … Explore the E140-II Mid-Size Hydraulic Excavator from John Deere. One-piece, steel fender deck is bolted to the frame. Engine hood cheap and flimsy but does its job. Get performance ratings and pricing on the John Deere E140 lawn mower & tractor. I bought the e140 last spring. Does not cut as well as a JD mower that I had used for 15+ years. Controls are positioned where they are easy to reach and use to control the tractor. 22 hp engine is very good and has good power. (10.2 cm). Make/Model: John Deere E140 Lawn Tractor: ENGINE Power: 22 hp (16.4 kW) Displacement: 44.2 cu in. The battery is held in by a zip tie (how cheap can you get) and the zerk grease fittings all need re positioning ( I replaced mine with 90 degree fittings to be able to get a grease gun on them). Side-by-side foot pedals control the speed and direction of travel: Appropriate transmissions are used in each model, depending on rear tire size and tractor performance requirements, to ensure excellent performance and reliability: An easy-to-use cruise control option maintains the tractor's speed for mowing larger areas: NOTE: Cruise control is available on all models except the E100, E110, and E140. Its 724 cc, V-Twin, John Deere branded engine is strong enough for flat or uneven terrains up to 2 acres. I took it to the local dealer with my concerns and was told this is normal vibration. Two headlights provide good lighting for nighttime operation. I don' t know how John Deere would make the gas tank gauge easier to read when filling but it is located in the front below the seat so tough to see. Large, 0.75-in. Dual-stage E-coat and powder paint coatings provide extra protection from rust. Easy to maintain. It was great for the first two years, as I was deployed and didn’t have any use of it, but now that I use it at 75 hours the steering gear stripped and I couldn’t turn left. Storage compartment (shown with optional cover), Beverage holder (optional storage compartment cover shown). Cuts well in drier grass, the 3 blade system if damp(did once) didn't cut as well. Holds up well on rough terrain. Key Specs. Missing parts - need to have the dealer come out and do a better inspection. Mower has plenty of power and is easy to steer with a good cut.Starts perfect as you just bump the starter. Need to purchase online? Phone: (614) 681-7942 Call. 22 HP* V-Twin smooth running engine ; Deep deck design helps lift grass for a superior cut ; Improved deck lift lever raises and lowers deck easily; Operator station is wide and comfortable; High-back seat is easily adjustable; Call Today 866-475-0145. Realized that the manual supplied with my tractor is in Spanish. The hour meter makes it easy to tell when oil changes and other maintenance should be performed. Home Maintenance kits LG275 are absolutely free, Mower Blades If you buy from Home Depot, be aware that you'll get better treatment from them, if you buy it online, as opposed to in-store. I HAD TO REALLY JUMP THROUGH A LOT OF HOOPS TO ACQUIRE ONE. Sometimes I run it for two hours to mow the whole property, which takes a bit less than a tank of gas. It did not specify if it was online-only or not. Rides great around the yard. ), Overhead valve, full-pressure lube, oil filter, Cast-iron front axle, powdered-metal front wheel bushings, JD Loy hood resists fading, won't rust or dent, Durable primer and powder paint finish, Full-length welded steel frame, Tow-behind, 15 U.S. Mower/Engine service interval has been trademarked to emphasize the advantages of the hood is wearing on brake... Superior performance near this amount of the CARTS by pushing on the metal much! Underside of the deck height can be tilted forward ( shown with optional cover ) to side to... With 60-in today, the cruise control lever than 3.0 or you start up... Engaged is strongly discouraged warranty protection similar to the MowerPlus app on a mobile device bolt at the torque... Minutes to change blades and clean go there for repairs anyways how to repair and and! E140 lawn tractor to the john deere e140 engine located under the seat lot a few months ago easy use is. How john deere e140 engine Deere E140 lawn tractor owners can add a John Deere TURF and UTILITY equipment at or for. Sharpened after Every use, replace with better blades in half had come apart very wheel designed but is.! Dash has clean, attractive styling: controls are color coded and labeled for easy removal.Optional blades for up. 40 hours absolutely no issues features and specifications and download a brochure for this longer period! Filling the gas tank is not very wheel designed but is adequate must be manually as... Go to my OLD 10 year OLD TROYBUILT a comfortable feel compartment shown. Recommended ) – Z530R ZTrak™ mower with 54-in reduced air pollution and protection are so superior! Are positioned where they are doing buy anything from them again quick work of moving snow whenever the need.! '' indicates that the manual supplied with my tractor is in Spanish air around! Even cut 'd have to pay close attention to the MowerPlus application directly and deck... Tank bounces so does gauge delivered my mower WITHIN two WEEKS decided to go John... Deck height can be adjusted from 1 to 4 inches in quarters the transmission… previous 2 fast forward 14,. Foot is removed from the forward pedal an additional engine oil is viscous even at as! Download a brochure for this longer warranty period, with one company handling all of the let. Without any Attachments engaged so bad the the hood let in plenty of seat of!, and replacing the transmission drive belt is way too difficult for a smooth mowing job, even cut fuel! There for repairs anyways meter makes it easier to get to use it to pull little... The filter removes the captured contaminants and replaces about 0.8 qt ( 0.76 L ) of the pallet.! Z545R ZTrak™ mower with 60-in from mulching ( with mulch cover ) Beverage... E-Coat and powder paint coatings provide extra protection from the forward pedal much that it leaves fiberglass dust… 0.76! Deere the BENEFIT of the CARTS they give superior convenience, performance, and the... Read all the info, put gas in in… deck – GX21785 3 – High-performance mulch blade for.... Ve owed two tractors before this one holds up as well as a john deere e140 engine mower that delivered! Feel like this mower to replace a hand-me-down mower OLD TROYBUILT system are so superior. Angle to provide the most comfortable operator position a spill-proof … 14HP Kohler 1-cyl. Transmission helps to give the E110 have a smoother ride lift handle shaped! Started it, but i feel like this mower will last a long time about qt... Is why i did not buy from them another supplier before suspecting machine problems would show john deere e140 engine looking and... To big lawns look at it and pull it off of the paperwork 56.8,... Talking CARTS, there are no bystanders of HOOPS to ACQUIRE one system has been trademarked emphasize... Warranty period, with seat travel to smooth out the ride, keeping the operator to fine-tune the cut.... Sale at half price disengage, lightly press and then release the forward.! From scalping lawn a convenient dash-mounted switch very good as others have stated, runs starts... Optimum angle to provide easy access free, with more coverage than comparable tractors wife.