You need to change it on a regular basis. I drive 30 miles after i pick it up and the engine lost most of its power by the time i reached my mechanic. I took my car into a shop in Omaha, Nebraska for alot of basically cosmetic work. If that doesn't work then it's time to lawyer up. Ha! After leaving the parking lot, my car starts to smoke heavily & decrease in speed. What kind of car? I don't know much about cars but If the engine is locked, i believe that the car is practically totaled. All this just for a simple oil change. I had my vehicle towed to my home. They screwed up and should take responsibilty for the damage to your engine. It has been draining oil. Originally was told it would take 15-20mins tops. Fuck. The rest are typically kids with tool boxes being supervised, when possible, by the other two. Under scenario 3 have them show you the damage on the car that caused the oil to drain out. Under scenario 3 have them show you the damage on the car that caused the oil to drain out. As soon as this happens you should take your car to a garage. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "don't use this … Jifi Lube messed up my car when i went to get my oil changed, can i sue them ? Here's what to do. I just bought my Honda CR-V last year brand new and got it's oil changed for the second time at the dealership before going on a road trip from WI to NC. You have some indication that the first dealer messed up. What did good year say about the vehicle having no oil in it?? Explore other popular Automotive near you from over 7 million businesses with over … Change Oil Promptly. Corporate should send out a private 3rd party investigator to assess the damage and make a determination. To what place should you record the measurement? Check your owner’s handbook for specific guidelines. Car is garaged on Wednesday and Thursday. Picking the right one is a matter of balancing convenience, quality and cost. People have such an aversion to understanding how these mechanical systems work that they'll believe the first thing they're told. The store will have the number and they cannot say no if you request the number. That's increasingly rare in newer model cars, where oil-life monitoring systems use many data points to decide when it's time for a change. To hire a lawyer and sue for damages which you will have to prove and you can't. You hit something and severed an oil line or damaged your oil pan thus draining all the oil oil of the car. I think it's utterly astounding that people can be convinced/persuaded that "coincidences" just happen when major issues happen literally an hour or a day after routine service. Chalk this one up to a lesson learned the hard way. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. After checking the oil and finding there was less than a quart of oil in the car, we added oil and had to stay over night in Cleveland before we could take it to the local dealership. And how many miles? This is due to running on cleaner oil that has less dirt and debris that come out in your exhaust fumes. Please help me out, anything is very appreciated. He called GoodYear and they had a tow truck pick it up. You know that the first dealer will aver he did everything right, so it must have been you who messed things up afterwards. How many miles are on it? Remembe businesses have insurance as well. Sell the car, buy a new one, sue for the difference (you'll loose by the way) and never go to the dealer unless it's for a recall. After changing the oil again, there was no problem getting to NC or driving back to WI. They probably won't give you another car but if you make enough noise they will take care of you. The second dealership will have to testify to the facts that he saw. Clean the drain plug and install a new gasket (if required). yes, he should persue getting a new/reman/replacement engine with goodyear.