Studios also expressed concern that since the first film was not distributed internationally, there would not be a large audience for another sequel.[30]. [51] Instead, as tribute, Carlin appeared posthumously as a holographic tour guide in the future, using archival footage from the original film, and Kristen Schaal's character is Kelly, Rufus' daughter, who is named after Kelly Carlin, George Carlin's real-life daughter. It is the second film in the Bill & Ted franchise, and a sequel to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989). [29], While Reeves and Winter were both eager to return to their roles, there was little interest in the script from any studios. Bill & Ted Face the Music was simultaneously released in theaters and through Premium VOD in the United States on August 28, 2020, by United Artists Releasing. [76] On September 30, Deadline Hollywood reported that the film had grossed an estimated $32 million from U.S. digital rentals up to that point. Stream songs including "Lost In Time", "Big Red Balloon" and more. You can also rent Bill & Ted Face The Music on-demand here. Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, but it’s supposed to be all the rage in the future…. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Due to their messaging, fans began various campaigns to try to influence the studios to pick up the film for production. [50], There were no plans to recast the role of Rufus, played by George Carlin who had died in 2008. [22], Around 2005 during a red carpet event, a reporter asked Reeves if he had any interest in playing Ted again, which he responded positively to. [20][21], Through the production of the first two films in the Bill & Ted series, actors Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter and writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon had become close friends, though after the completion of Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey in 1991, there were no immediate plans for a sequel. Alec Wigdahl – “Big Red Balloon” Shenanigans—and an endless supply of quotable lines—ensue. The featured songs drive the main storyline, as Bill and Ted meet their future selves in search of clarity about their musical careers. [22] Conceptualization for this film began between the four around 2008. There’s no hair metal but two of metal’s biggest current bands — Lamb of God and Mastodon — wrote new songs during the pandemic for the soundtrack. According to Matheson, the original films were considered "cult-y" by the studios, and wanted significant changes to the ideas that they had established,[22] or even a reboot of the series. This backfires as a distraught Dennis turns his weapon on himself, but Bill and Ted throw themselves in the way of the beam. [8], Bill & Ted Face the Music was originally scheduled to be released on August 21, 2020 by Orion Pictures through United Artists Releasing in the US and by Warner Bros. Pictures in the UK. Other casting announcements include recasts of characters from previous films, with Erinn Hayes as Elizabeth, Jayma Mays as Joanna, and Beck Bennett as Deacon, Ted's younger brother. [48] With help from Jake Tapper, a number of veterans supported by the Wounded Warrior Project were also featured as extras during filming. [22][31] Reeves and Winter confirmed that the film was still planned in interviews over the following few years. Related: Check Out Some First-Look Images From ‘Bill & Ted Face The Music’ [Photos], The Bill & Ted Face The Music soundtrack includes the first official releases for the once-fictional Wyld Stallyns. Bill & Ted's Excellent Game Boy Adventure: A Bogus Journey! Official Site For The Orion Pictures Film Bill & Ted Face The Music. Bill & Ted 3 Soundtrack Features New Music By Weezer, Mastodon And, Obviously, Wyld Stallyns [Listen] Andrew O'Brien | Friday, August 28th, 2020 Image via Orion Pictures Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Soundtrack Music - Complete Song List | Tunefind [62], Winter stated in a February 2020 interview that they had completed a "fantastic first cut" but were still working on visual effects and music, along with additional filming such as with Kid Cudi a few days prior. [42][67] Looper observed that the date's digits (8, 21, 20 and 20) coincidentally added up to 69, an in-universe reference to the first film. Big Black Delta – “Circuits Of Time” [52] There had been plans to have the older Bill & Ted travel back to the Circle K scene from the first film to ask Rufus for advice, which they would have used a combination of practical set reconstruction and computer-generated imagery to recreate the younger versions of Bill, Ted, and Rufus, but were limited by budget and time to make this work, and scrapped this approach. [18] Kelly Carlin, Carlin's daughter, makes a cameo as one of Kelly's followers. [46] A teaser poster was released on February 5, 2020. "[82][83] When asked in an interview with DiscussingFilm in August 2020 if the characters of Billie and Thea could result in a sequel or spin-off film, writer Ed Solomon stated, "It wasn't when we were first writing it, but as we saw Brigette and Samara inhabit these roles, I thought for sure if there was interest and people wanted to carry this forward, the Bill & Ted spirit, I would absolutely let those characters carry it forward. The anticipated film Bill & Ted Face the Music—starring Keanu Reeves and Alex Winters—and its soundtrack, featuring new songs by Mastodon and Lamb of God, have arrived.. Kelly Carlin was also given a cameo role in the film as well. [17] Musician "Weird Al" Yankovic, talk show personality Guillermo Rodriguez and actor Nathan Head make cameos during the credits. Bill & Ted Face the Music is a 2020 American science fiction comedy film directed by Dean Parisot and written by Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon. @BillandTed3 was the most popular movie for all of August! For those unfamiliar, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989) follows a pair of air-headed aspiring musicians—Bill S. Preston, Esq. All three are sent to Hell, where Bill and Ted locate their daughters and the band. MP3 Music [40] In October 2020, The Hollywood Reporter said the film was the fifth-most popular PVOD title amid the COVID-19 pandemic. [66] The second trailer was released along the announcement of the planned mixed theatric/video-on-demand release approach, on July 23, 2020. [22] In an interview with MTV in September 2010, Winter confirmed that they had come onto an idea for a plot that they felt appropriate with Matheson and Solomon beginning to work on the script with significant input from Reeves and Winter. For Bill (Alex Winter) and Ted (Keanu Reeves), music is life. [69] As further complications from the pandemic continued to threaten movie theater openings, United Artists Releasing announced in late July that they would release Face the Music in a combined theatrical and Premium VOD premiere on September 1, 2020. The four had continued successful careers in the interim. [38], Bonita Unified School District in Los Angeles County, California, which serves the cities of San Dimas and La Verne where the real-life San Dimas High School is located, has opened its doors to allow production to use the school on camera, although most of the actual filming in San Dimas for the first film was in a school in Arizona.